Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Week (or so) in Veganville

Probably the most difficult two weeks in Veganville yet...vacation!

Vacation started in San Antonio, Texas. My first meal there, I went out to breakfast with an old friend. Our catch-up location of choice was Central Market ( A foodie's dream market, but I struggled a little as a vegan. We both ended up getting a falafel, pita, hummus, taboulea, and stuffed grape leaf platter. I was so excited considering I haven't seen falafel offered anywhere in Middle Georgia. The falafel, however, was a little dry and disappointing. The coffee, though, was sooooooooooo delicious. (In Middle Georgia, our coffee offerings are limited to the big green monster, a.k.a Starbucks, and whatever is available in the grocery store)

Lunch was a little disappointing. I was at the mercy of my travel companions, so we ate at the food court in the mall right on the River Walk. I had avocado sushi.

Dinner, however, was MINDBLOWING! Such vegan goodness! We went to The Cove (, which has been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This unique little restaurant/bar/car wash/laundromat was just what the doctor ordered. Thursday nights, they have Vegan Night when the chef prepares a unique vegan dish. They do have vegan offerings on their regular menu too. This past vegan night, the menu included lentil burger with sweet potato fries and a peach-rhubarb crisp with avocado cream. What a happy little vegan camper I was!

Outside of San Antonio (where I spent the majority of my vacation), my vegan choices in restaurants were primarily limited to side salads and plain baked potatoes. I did discover a vegan gem at the local Walmart. Soy Chorizo! Frieda's Soyrizo ( is something I will definitely keep an eye out for (or order) in the future. It has great seasoning and texture and was even pleasing to the meat-eaters of the group.

I did cave on a few ocassions and indulge in ice cream and locally caught sea food (I figure if I'm going to eat meat, it might as well be sustainable). Before I ate my fish, I thanked it for providing me with a meal and apologized for any pain it may have experienced. It helped me feel a little less guilty. Call me crazy, but I think we ought to do that every time we consume an animal product. It's about being conscious. Your food gave it's life for you.

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